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Chickpeas are a decent wellspring of starches and proteins, which by and large constitute around 80% of the aggregate dry seed weight. Starch, which is the essential sugar part, shifts in content from 41-half and is bring down in Desi assortments than in Kabuli assortments. Add up to seed sugars change from 52-71%. The rough protein substance of chickpea assortments ranges from 16-24%. Unrefined fiber, an essential constituent of chickpeas is for the most part situated inside the seed coat.

In view of amino corrosive piece, the proteins of chickpea seed were found, all things considered, to be of higher nutritive incentive than those of other grain vegetables. Chickpeas meet grown-up human necessities for all fundamental amino acids aside from methionine and cysteine, and have a low level of tryptophan. Chickpeas have a high protein edibility and are wealthier in phosphorus and calcium than different heartbeats.


Desi sorts have little rakish seeds weighing around 120 mg, are wrinkled at the mouth and range in shading from dark colored, light darker, grovel, yellow, orange, dark or green. They are regularly dehulled and part to acquire dhal and are supported in India.


Kabuli have extensive, rounder seeds, weighing around 400mg. They are white to cream hued and are solely utilized entirety. They are favored through the Mediterranean area.